Blog Kick-Off

written by Terry Schreiber

Why start a blog? For that matter, why start a company? At HeavyWater, the two questions are very much related.

We started a company because we believe very strongly in some core ideas. We started a blog because we want to share the story of those ideas and how they shape this company. We hope our story generates some dialogue, too.

Ideas are great — we love ’em. But there wouldn’t be much reason to start a company if our ideas didn’t coalesce around a few key factors. A substantial problem to address? Got it. A unique (and effective) approach to solving it? Check. An outcome that’s valuable? Definitely. And a team that can bring it all together? Oh, yes.

We’ll have something to say on all these topics, and more. Let’s begin by introducing ourselves.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Feedback is always welcomed!

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