Work simply done

We liberate human talent from drudgery -- one task at a time.

Human talent is being squandered on a vast scale

Millions of people want to contribute more to their work and receive more in return.

Today’s technology can make that happen.

HeavyWater makes technology work for you

Technology has made rapid progress in recent years. You experience the effects every day. However, the technology community has failed to deliver the same impact on your work. At HeavyWater, we have built an intelligent technology platform to perform work the way you want it done.

your old normal

An effective solution should continually incorporate the best available technologies...

... and fit them together rapidly for maximum effect. But solution providers historically struggled with this complexity...

… and extra cost, slow implementation and low impact became your “normal” experience.

your HeavyWater normal

We rapidly and continually fit the best technologies into our platform...

… and are building a new community that redefines the role of technology in the workplace...

… and delivers a new normal: Work simply done.

What if HeavyWater simplified the way you work?


Manage Document Files

Managing document files is an endless, and often thankless, task. But businesses such as mortgage lending can’t function without it: managing documentation is essential to approving a loan, selling a loan, and even collecting on a loan.

File management seems so simple, but errors are common and can be expensive.

What if a virtual assistant from HeavyWater handled your file management tasks in seconds instead of hours? What would you or your team do with the time you saved?

Tasks to be done
Create New File Folders
Accept, Identify, & File Documents
Arrange Documents in Proper Sequence
Identify Missing or Duplicated Documents
Locate Requested Documents or Files
Archive Files

Sharing Documents

Whether it’s across the office, across town, or across the country -- there’s always someone else who needs to use documents. Sending them copies is a nuisance, made worse when the file is updated and the entire file must be sent again.

And what happens when someone needs to verify what has been sent, or viewed? How much time is spent researching that?

Do you or your team have business partners that need quick, easy, secure access to your document files? What if document sharing were administered by a HeavyWater virtual assistant?

Tasks to be done
Maintain document sharing and accessing audit trail

Reviewing Documents

Reviewing document content in a piecemeal manner (as the documents arrive) can be highly inefficient. The alternative -- reviewing a full set of documents for exceptions or red flags -- becomes mind-numbing, and there’s always deadline pressure.

Worse yet, what happens when a transaction is jeopardized by an issue that should have been identified earlier, or is overlooked completely?

Do you or your team have “stare and compare” tasks that need to be done in the quickest, easiest way? What if these were handled by a HeavyWater virtual assistant?

Tasks to be done
Check for irregularities within docs
Check for exceptional transactions

Handling High Volumes

Volume pressure is a fact of life. It’s impossible to have staff levels constantly matched to the fluctuating demands of business volume.

Adjusting staff levels up or down is slow and expensive. Meanwhile, the existing team gets burned out and the customer’s experience deteriorates. How much business is lost as a result?

Do you or your team experience heavy volumes or staff shortages that impact your quality or turnaround times? What if you could have a HeavyWater virtual assistant with exactly the capacity you need to fulfill your commitments?

Tasks to be done
Process high volume quickly
Maintain service standards during high volume
Absorb staff vacancies without service impacts

Become an alpha customer

We are looking for a few heterodox customers who share our beliefs and wish to reinvent their work with our technology. These alpha customers help shape the direction, and benefit from the implementation, of our initial products. Interested?